You Are Never Stuck

Today’s Business Strategy #16:

There is a saying about struggle and it goes like this: “If you see life as a battle, then a battle is what you will get; the struggle ends when you let go to seek peace instead. Life is a reflection of what you think, if your thoughts are filled with negativity, the world you see will be the same.”

In going through struggles in business or personal life, most people feel victimized by their struggles and try to find someone or something to blame. Feeling victimized and blaming the outside world activates our “personal stories” (the ones we tell ourselves over and over like a record) and causes us to see others as our rescuers or even our persecutors.

The trick is to frame this and take responsibility for your situation. At the same time recognize that you are not your struggle. You are can move this from where you are right now to where you want to be.

A great affirmation for this is “What I seek, I all ready am!”

Be your awesome self!

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