Decisions Have Power

effective decision making

Sometimes in our daily lives, we set goals and we make assumptions about what is really available to us. Sometimes in a millisecond of one decision, we cut ourselves short. We underestimate our potential. I see this often in my consulting with my clients. We as new business entrepreneurs, set out on a plan based on our past and what we know for sure or we listen to others and they tell us what is available in their opinion. We sometimes view that as the truth. Sometimes that is good and sometimes that advice is harmful to us.


But what if we took the lid off our box and thought outside the dotted lines? Often you may find options that you did not know before and that are available to you.

Iyania Vanzant whom I admire, recently on Facebook had this statement circulating about decisions. She said: “Decisions have power. Decisions have force. We must know what we will and will not do, what we can do and choose not to do; and decide in harmony with the things we know.”


Sometimes a situation will appear on our doorstep not because of anything that is already occurring in our life but it will come to us out of the blue and cause us to think more deeply than we have been thinking. Our universe has the great delight often to get us to think, by offering to us an obstacle or a specific problem, to allow us to see a new level of consciousness. This is a new way or perception that will apply to our decision making process. This process that the universe has provided will fuel those decisions to make this “power to change” our course of action in our lives.


This process allows us to grow as individuals and become greater business entrepreneurs or better human beings in our personal relationships. It matters that we don’t settle for the status quo of what already has been, but better we reach for the options that our more grand. They give us the fuel we so desperately deserve to answer our questions and allow us to live with the lid off our box and not cut ourselves short in the process.



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