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Mary Brown Design is committed to learning about the most essential elements of your business so that her design approach reflects your thinking, your priorities, and your strategies for success. While using your principles as her guiding light, Mary will create a user-friendly design that meets and exceeds your expectations

  • We will also teach you the know how that other business owners and other good internet marketers already know?
  • You will have the help of a seasoned online small business owner who has been where you are now, you’ll have the sounding board, the support, and the momentum you need to accelerate your business successfully.

Drawing from her decades of design experience, Mary will share the time-tested principles that have worked for other Internet marketers. She’ll be your sounding board and a support system for your Web strategy, providing the momentum required to grow your business successfully.


Why Choose Us

  • Our web site designs get action and Google loves them!
  • We can offer truly custom web design packages.
  • We understand the small business. We get budgets!
  • We build website designs that grow with your business.
  • We go way beyond good customer service because we truly care about our clients.
  • We deliver high quality affordable web design packages tailored to fit your individual budget.
  • We design responsive websites that work on all devices.

Creating A Rock Solid Website

You know the adage: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” That old saying is never truer than in website design. In only a second or two, potential clients make judgments about whether they want to consider hiring you or buying your product.

Here’s where advance planning comes in. To achieve optimal results, small business owners must remember to do their research before diving into creating a website. For example, research on important decisions such as keyword phrases should be completed before website design begins.

Here’s a solid tip: Find a designer that can help you remain within budget, but who will also be honest with you. If you don’t, your Google ranking (not to mention your budget) will be a disaster.

About Mary Brown

Born and raised in Iowa, Mary’s roots were firmly planted in a prospering family business. At an early age, she learned how to shape profitability. Mary dreamed of helping other small businesses learn how to harness the power of the Internet. She feels fortunate to be “living her dream” — helping small business owners design great websites and then watch those websites strengthen as these marketers put their marketing ideas into practice on their websites.

Primary Commitment

We will commit to these principles of website design in designing your website.

  • Simple is beautiful. Overloading too much into each page creates confusion…
  • The design is paramount…
  • Navigation should be intuitive…
  • Consistency is key…
  • Colors are crucial…
  • Make your website responsive…
  • Develop for multiple browsers…
  • Check your website for errors…
  • Make your website responsive…
  • Develop on all web browsers…
  • Always have good content with lots of keywords…

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Meet Mary

mary brown owner of marybrowndesign.com

Mary Brown


With more than 15 years of expertise in web and graphic design, Mary shares her passion with every client, thus helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to better understand how to maximize their online presence

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