6 Ways To Keep Your Fan Page Exciting!

You know you were popular in high school when everyone knows your name and wants to be your friend. These days your popularity is measured by how many Facebook friends and subscribers you have.

Such isn’t the case when it comes to having a Facebook fan page. Having thousands of Facebook fans doesn’t do much for you if your audience isn’t engaged. You want them to like, comment and visit the links in your posts.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to entice your fans and get your Facebook page humming:

1. Keep your updates short and sweet.

Posting a mini novel as your update will not get your fans to engage more in your page. You want to be straight to the point by using attention-grabbing words, sentences of phrases.

2. Ask effective questions that get quick and easy responses.

Most of the people who use Facebook and other social media sites move fast and don’t waste time reading complicated and lengthy posts.

3. Post with interesting photos and videos.

Including a photo or video in your post always does the trick. Use tips number one and two together with an interesting photo and you’re sure to get fans buzzing.

4. Timing is everything.

Be sure to post during traffic peaks. Recent research showed the best time to post is around 1 to 3 in the afternoon. Friday is also a celebrated day when it comes to Facebook posts and I’ve proven this myself.

5. Get personal for gosh sakes! This isn’t rocket science!

No, you don’t need to start a fight when I say get personal. What I mean to say is you should provide a glimpse of your personal life to get fans more interested in your page and make them feel like they know you somehow apart from your business.

6. Chat them up.  Be a chatter!

Chat-ups are like icebreakers. You can create chat-ups to get people talking. You can post a poll, guessing game, quick tips and other interesting and fun conversation starters.  Get your Facebook fans engaged and you’ll be surprise as to how fast the numbers grow.

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