Today’s Business Strategy #17

In refining our business practices today the telling feature of a true master in his job or business is poise. If you find yourself in a stressful situation at work, maintain this poise while you are under fire and you will find that issues in your business will work out and you will emerge in a more positive place.

Any behavior that is  anxious or defensive with others will only weaken your position and make you less effective. Practice the art of staying balanced when standing firmly with intention, add some grace and you will align yourself with your inner desires which will result in a more enjoyable outcome by everyone. Your work and ambition will start to flourish because you are acting and being your true aligned self.  You will find you start to propel in a more unstoppable manor.

Always remember, in business it is more about how you are doing something than what you are doing. If you are worried about what you are doing all the time, you miss the point. It is more important if you can hone in on exactly how your are reacting. For example, are you in a sense of flow and integrity with the people you come in contact with on a day to day basis?  Are you taking a pause and reframing situations that come up in a more positive way rather than always looking at the glass half empty rather than half full?

If you are not feeling this poise, than take a moment and check in with yourself to make any adjustments in your direction. Ask yourself, are you really being authentic with your intention. Are you feeling happy about it? If not, than adjust and recalibrate. Let go of what ever got in your way and get back on track. Your life and business will have more meaning and reward. Always stay tuned and tapped on to yourself – your absolutely worth it!

Be your awesome self!

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