What Is Social Media All About?


I have been studying some online learning about social media and have come across some core principles that I thought I would share with you.

Social media can be a lot of fun but it is important to know some basic principles.
There are certain unwritten rules of the road in using social media and people really don’t like it when you break these rules. To understand the culture of social media is one of the most important concepts to wrap your mind around. How does social media tick?
These are some of the basic should do’s with any social media tool that you will have use to be successful:

1. Be Super Authentic, Super Open and Super Transparent!
One golden rule of social media is to be authentic at all times. If you are authentic, people will trust you, respect you and want to do business with you.

2. Absolutely Don’t resort to hard sell techniques!
Don’t opt in to those blast email techniques or try and spam all your Facebook friends with a marketing message from your company…A buy now campaign.

3. Do it, Do it, DO IT!
Always use social media on a regular basis. Don’t be a dud head and use it only at the holidays. The best way to get a feel for all the social media tools, (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) is to simple USE THEM OFTEN. You also need to establish your creditability on line but using it REGULARLY, Your online presence will be taken more seriously, not just a fly by night social media so called EXPERT.

4. It NOT just a one-way romance!

All social media becomes much more interesting when you engage in conversation between you and your community.

5. Always be patient!

Social media needs a commitment. A new blog will take a good six months to get it established and build a trust factor and its following. It will take longer to convert this following into sales. But your online presence will than continue to grow and grow and get easier if you follow these core principles.

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