Be All In Or Get Out

• Feeling anxious about that next business meeting and whether it will generate some revenue?

• Wondering what it takes to accomplish something important and worthwhile in your life to make a difference?

• Had business goals last year you did not even meet and wondering if you should just ditch the business and work for someone else?

Yes! We have all been there as entrepreneurs!

As business entrepreneurs most of us start new endeavors or business new years with total optimism. We’re either super confident. “I’ve Got This This Time!” Or at least, enthusiastic and hopeful. “I think this could really work with this little tweak!”

Then half way in, the wheels fall off and everything goes spiraling out of control. Been there done that! Than all the negative mess in your brain starts to activate. “Is this worth it?” Or meekly you state. “Maybe I should reach out to someone with some experience to see if I am all wet about this idea?” 

Than enters the thoughts and be careful because they are sneaky and can spin out of control on you,  they are those thoughts that you actually are considering sabotaging your whole career by giving up. This is the halfway point. The major turning point where you have to decide how committed you really are in your business. “Am I all in?” “Or do I need to quit?”

One thing you must remember is there are absolutely no shortcuts to building a great business.  You have to invest your time and resources into your business if you truly want to become successful. If you are half-heartedly running your business, then you’ll get half-hearted results and half the income you could be making.

Commit to your business, don’t give up and quit because it’s time consuming or you haven’t seen the results you want. Make sure your reason for ditching and fleeing is in your best interest and the feeling is coming from your best intention. Ask yourselves; “Five or ten years in the future, will you regret quitting this business?”

Before you ditch and go, try this! Instead of wanting more clients for your business, try networking at meet ups and better business organizations and take action. Talk up your service.

Instead of wishing for more income, take the mental abundance approach and start thinking like you have it rather than the lack of it.

Pledge to be in it to win and you will be surprised what magic will be in store for you as it is all in the attitude. And really?  It is that easy!

“Have some faith in yourself!”

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