Definition in Business: To Show Up

Definition in Business: To Show Up   In our business life being present allows us to access the human resources of power, presence, and communication. This is the way of the leader. We express the way of the leader through appropriate action, good timing, and clear communication.

Good managers and savvy investors already know this.  Being present and showing up can help reduce workplace tensions with employees and co-workers. People who practice this strategy more widely known as mindfulness at work report an improved ability to communicate clearly and more appropriate reactions to stressful situations. They also report a better ability to handle workplace conflict, Improved teamwork, a better ability to “think out of the box” and in some cases enhanced creativity.

Here are some interesting examples about Google, Ebay, Twitter and Facebook and how they show up and be present with their companies.

Google offers an internal course called “search inside yourself” that has proved so popular that the company has created entry-level versions such as “neutral self-hacking” and “managing your energy”. The search giant has also built a labyrinth for walking meditation. EBay has meditation rooms equipped with pillows and flowers. Twitter and Facebook are doing all they can to stay ahead in the mindfulness race. Evan Williams, one of Twitter’s founders, has introduced regular meditation sessions in his new venture, the Obvious Corporation, a start-up incubator and investment vehicle.


Be your awesome self!


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