Do I Need A Website and Blog?

Most websites today can already be created with a blog and website combined, especially if they will use the same domain name and content management system like WordPress. This means that when business owners decide to have a website for their business, a blog can be created simultaneously, although a blog still needs to have rich content (commonly know as words on a page) to work effectively as a marketing tool for your business.

But are they a good investment? Can websites and blogs really give you a great value for your money? To give you an idea of what they can do, here are  5 reasons why you need a website and a blog for your business today.


1. Establish yourself and your business team as experts in your field

Today we live in a society with more than brick and mortar businesses. We live with the internet which gives you infinite possibilities but you have to be competitive to get seen on Googles first page when searching for  your business category. Writing articles about your expertise is a great way to build your personal brand and get you to Google’s first page of your category quicker.  You can also encourage your team members to blog about their specialized fields to establish themselves as experts or authorities on those fields. Through expert blogging and thought leadership, your clients can build more trust and confidence in your team and business. You will gradually become the expert guy/gal in your field and give your business credibility.

2. Grow your presence on social media Through Post’s You Make through Blog Topics

Most contents that become viral on social media come from blogs. By creating engaging blog posts, you can share link posts on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels that can go viral and reach more audience. Viral blog posts could dramatically increase your Facebook likes.

3. Have Engagement With Your Customers

Your websites and blogs are accessible by your customers online anywhere and everywhere through their computers, tablets and mobile phones. That is the nice part for the customer as they don’t have to get in their car and drive to your store.  And by blogging or regularly publishing blog posts, you can continuously communicate with your current customers. When they think of your trade, you pop up in their minds because you are present.

4. Easy Way To Attract New Customers

As your website and blog increase visibility on search engines and grow their reach on social media networks, they become magnets that naturally attract potential customers. Blogging and content marketing are effective strategies to improve your inbound marketing. Instead of implementing megaphone marketing (marketing tactics that could be distracting to the public), blogging lets you find new customers without disturbing them because they’re the ones who come to you in search for your blog’s content.

5. Make Your Customer Service Better

With a company website, your customers can always connect with you online through email or contact forms to send their pre-sale and post sale inquiries. If your website is e-commerce enabled, they can also do transactions with you online, giving them convenience of doing business at the touch of their fingertips. It will help them save time, energy and money. Everything is in front of them in their home on their computer or mobile device. It is that easy!

Good Business Advice: All businesses today need a website! This is absolute business 101.


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