To Be or Not To Be

Have you had trouble grabbing into success? Today real success isn’t inherited or certainly not achieved by any generic hand me down or clone. It involves courage, a dash of vulnerability and the desire to embrace the good with the bad and sometimes the not so pretty. It is defining that something in you that is unique to you and no one else.

Success is your very own drumming pathway and that is why it certainly is only unique to you. The secret is finding it in yourself. You can’t get to your true success without being who you really are in life and what you are really meant to be. Not something you are not. How many of of us have tried being copied or made up in our lives. Claiming to be real when we were just being someone or something else.

The trick is to allow your strengths to blossom, know what those strengths are and except all the vulnerabilities in yourself. And we might add, to certainly make peace with yourself. Most of all be gentle in this process. Standing in your own truth can invite and bring you a whole host of gifts, rewards and strengths that you can’t even imagine for yourself.

An important part of this finding your uniqueness is not about feeling better than someone else but simply of knowing your inner truth and how that equates your worth as a whole. If you know and love yourself, you will find it effortless to be true to yourself and others. This inner knowing will start your process to be more clear with yourself. Trust that voice, and be that uniqueness, it will guide you to where you need to be.


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