What Would Happen If You Took A Pause

How many times have you ever wished that you had taken more time in a conversation or even in a business presentation to pause before reacting? What would your results have been if you would just have taken a pause to get collected and to center yourself. Would you get better results? Do you find yourself rushing with conversation’s because you are afraid that you aren’t going to get it all out?

Self-edit before you speak, it can make a huge difference in the results with your interactions with people! It is an amazingly simple thing you can do each time you need to speak that can work absolutely serious wonders. Just take a slight pause before you speak. Also a lot can transpire in that pause. You will find that things will go better and smoother. You will even throw thoughts out as you will have time in that pause to think it through. It will generate it so you’re acting rather than reacting which will make a major difference for you with clients, relationships and public speaking. This is an easy transformation with the way you see time. You will find you always have plenty of time to say your peace in a conversation or presentation.

This by no means is a self help article to make you perfect. No one is perfect. It is a simple technique that I know will help you as it has helped me many times with making a better example for myself.  What this really is about is having good intentions and being as consistent as you can get in everything you do. You certainly can’t turn back the hands of time but you can control your experience by getting enough time to state throughly your meaning. You don’t want the mentality of lack to appear here.  You can find enough time by choosing this simple mentality of the pause. It’s all about having enough and being enough. And that is all it is, the pause you take before. It’s brillant! Try it!

Oh and just one more thing, remember to be your awesome self!


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