Some Call It Starting Over…

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Don’t Fear It… Just Begin Again!

You would think we would get good at this starting over business but it is hard. I am sure you would agree. Many scholars I have read constantly say; “If you really want to change your life and are having difficulty doing so, then you need to master the practice of starting over.”

Well that is easier said than done. What often crops up for most of us is fear or lack of trust in one’s own magnificent. We think we have none.

Recently I was frustrated in learning how to meditate properly. Sound simple enough, but I would site quietly and my mind would get lost with all the “monkey chatter”. What constantly would happen would be, I couldn’t meditate and I would have to start over. Finally after several attempts at this, I learned to not pay attention to the chatter and more to my breathing like all the “how to’s” and expects on mediation would often point out. After many attempts of starting over several times, I learned to change my course of action and guess what; now I am an avid meditator ever morning. What I learned was, when you discover that you have lost your focus, you just begin again. You don’t give any regard or get caught up in emotional jabber like why you can’t achieve your simple task. Or worse, why you may be unworthy or why the change you seek is not possible. That direction only leads to more fear and less change. Ultimately with that approach of negativity, you self sabotage your success instantly.

You can use this simple example in any process that you may need to change in your business or your personal life. Starting over is really the key. Thank yourself for being brave enough to start all over, even if it is something simple as you always need encouragement. Ironically, what will happen is by the practice of starting over you will find it is a more effective way to achieve your goal than constantly fixating on it. Don’t fear it just simple start over by putting one foot in front of the other.

It is just that simple!



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