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Is it the right company
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There are many search engine optimization companies out there to choose from, but how do you know which is the one for you. There is a very good article presented by Google talking about the proper areas to look for in a SEO optimizer for hire. This article also gives SEO optimizer’s pointers on certain areas of optimization. Here is the article for reference. Google Information for Webmasters

The information provided here is for those in search for SEO to be aware of companies who tend to sell the easy and less effective ways of SEO to customers. It has found that some SEO companies might be selling their services under keywords that are rarely or never searched. The proper approach for a SEO optimizer is to choose a broad keyword that provides optimal phrases to be searched so the ranking can be based on multiple phrases instead of one single keyword. There are some companies that are using full phrases instead of broad keywords to optimize web pages. The problem is that these phrases are rarely or never searched and are being use to sell ineffective SEO.

In order to avoid this problem, when you are given the keywords by your SEO Company, ask to have the keywords run through their keyword analyzer to show how many times the keyword is searched daily or monthly. This will show you if they are optimizing your site under a well searched keyword. Also ask to see a report of your keyword’s competitors on Google or Yahoo search engines. The SEO Company should be able to tell you what your web site is up against. They should be able to break down the Optimization strength of your competition and tell you what will be needed for your site to rank above them and a virtual time frame. A knowledgeable SEO Company should be able to give all this information and analysis to you.

If you want to start getting better search engine rankings on your site, please watch this video on SEO Basics with Matt Cutts from Google.



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