Logo Design

Why Should I Have A Logo?

Your logo says everything about your business. Nothing beats a great, professionally designed logo to establish a brand. Without a great logo, you have no identity with your business name. Identity is everything in the world of business.

A nifty looking business logo is just not enough if you cannot have it printed nicely and clearly on your stationary or business card. Some of the things that make a great business logo is:

Vector Designed: A vector logo is one that will never distort. With a vector format logo you can make it as small as a pin cap or as big as a billboard and the logo will never distort. It is a key element for screen printing and stationary.

Visibility: Stand out from the crowd, its surroundings, and competition. A memorable identification is necessary for a great business logo.

Simplicity: A logo emblem, symbol, or illustration that is easy to memorize. It should never be to complex. The logo has to be easily recognized and identified.

Slogans: If you are using a slogan it should be catchy and easy to remember also just like the emblem. If you are not using a slogan don’t worry its not necessary. However, don’t add a slogan because it looks good – add one because it will help you market better.

Timeless: A great business logo design stands past its time frame. The user should not be able to figure out when the logo is made. In other words this business logo design should look good still five, ten, or fifteen years from now.

Color: Selecting the proper colors for a logo design can make or break a logo. Each color stands for another meaning in the real world. For example red might stand for heat, passion, love, desire, danger, etc. Keep the colors appropriate to your business.

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