Seize The Moment Here and Now

Seize the moment

In our urgent world, there are distractions everywhere. and being in the now or the present is really vulnerable and very powerful for each of us to try and do on a daily basis. As business owners we get tested with this every day. There are so many things that are demanding our attention. Our employees, our families and even Facebook.

So often as business owners, we imagine that what is going on over there is more important than what is happen right now. We often don’t see how well things are right where we really are at this moment.

Sometimes we say in our business, I could use a different employee for this worker is not cutting it.

Rather than looking at what the problem is and seeing if there is a solution within ourselves and adjustments we can make to solve the problem. Not necessarily changing the employee or the circumstance. We can all relate to this I am sure. Our here or present is where the power really is. It is the understanding that we sometimes need to make the shift in perception.

We can multitask because, after all, we are more productive that way but are we really? Are we missing something because we are trying to go so fast to jam things in the day to get them done.

We are trying to get over there, when we miss the now right here. The moment we are really in…right now! Do we even remember it because we are striving to get over there.

Time management is important in business but what we ought to maximize in business is this moment. Always focus on the task at hand. Especially with customers. Let’s be present with them.

If not you won’t get all the details and build the relationships you need in your business. If people don’t feel you listening to them, you may lose their interest and therefore miss out that potential and rewarding relationship. You missed out because you were rushing to get over there instead of the present moment.

The illusion is the “chase” for us. The wanting to hold on to what is going on with others or that we are getting to over there not here. This can make us crazy. And certainly do ridiculous behaviors that aren’t productive at all. Staying in the moment is the answer to success.

One exercise that I do daily is practice staying in the moment, by blocking out an hour of time in my day to get focused. To breath and relax. I than think of one thing in my day for that hour. This not only helps me to concentrate but I get some exciting ideas that come up during that time. Actual solutions that make my business decisions easier and more effective. By making an active practice to stay in the moment, my day not only runs smoother but I actually see what I have missed by jumping to the over there instead of here.

I often have seen that my solutions have been with me all along. I just needed to slow down and notice the moment.

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