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four better business relation building strategies mary brown design

Today’s Business Strategy #9

Successful businesses don’t just communicate with prospects and customers to just get a sale or expect their employees to take little respect from them for a hard day of work.  Today, making your company indispensable through compassion is a vital…
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Speaking Well of Others

Speaking well of others and sincere compliments can ring the cash drawer of your business. No matter how hard you try to encourage good communications in the work place there may remain a small minority of people who are inclined…
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Today’s Web Awareness #6

Smart-phones keep us socially connected with our personal and professional lives, but new research suggests they actually reduce users’ social consciousness. In fact, the study showed that cell phone use was linked to more selfish and negative behavior. At times…
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Today’s Web Awareness #1

THINK TWICE BEFORE…. YOU POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Remember, even criminals can see what you post on social media sites! Criminals are cashing in because social media viewers and users are willing to share a lot of personal…
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