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Do I Need A Website and Blog?

Most websites today can already be created with a blog and website combined, especially if they will use the same domain name and content management system like WordPress. This means that when business owners decide to have a website for…
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Today’s Business Strategy #10

  Ask Mary Do you have a question that you’d like me to answer in an upcoming article? You can ask questions about business web strategy and online marketing,  product creation, what is the fastest and most inexpensive way to build…
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Today’s Business Strategy #9

Successful businesses don’t just communicate with prospects and customers to just get a sale or expect their employees to take little respect from them for a hard day of work.  Today, making your company indispensable through compassion is a vital…
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Today’s Web Awareness #6

Smart-phones keep us socially connected with our personal and professional lives, but new research suggests they actually reduce users’ social consciousness. In fact, the study showed that cell phone use was linked to more selfish and negative behavior. At times…
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Today’s Web Awareness #3

[alert style=”success”]How to make today the day you finish your to do list? Solution: Wake Up Early[/alert] Building momentum is critical. Even if waking up at 5 am isn’t a usual event for you, it can be helpful here. Which…
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