Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be Loved?

In our business world today, we don’t often talk about loving. I have asked myself why that is many times, but I have not been effective at answering it or finding an answer printed anywhere. In the way we treat people, why does there appear to be a separation in how we interact with our customers or co-workers? Why is it so different between business relationships and personal relationships? It is much more excepted to show love in our personal relationships. Why not our business relationships? For example, suppose we use more love in the work place or with our customer service or even the way employers treat employees? What might happen? The expression of love softens us and it often softens the ones we show love to. It can even open up channels of communication for us with each other. Then why than, wouldn’t this be a part of most business’s mission statements?

It is always memorable when a customer service employee remembers your name. Or what about when an employee at a local business says thank you for being a loyal customer. Sometimes that is mind blowing but it shouldn’t be. These are all forms of love. Any time love is expressed; it invites an intimate response that closes the distance between the two people interacting.

Unfortunately with most business today this is not part of the company mantra to treat people in a loving manor. If only the CEO’s of companies would understand that their employees or for that matter themselves might feel good to express love, whether through a smile or a thank you.

It simple to acknowledge another’s presence but the amazing thing and somewhat of a miracle actually is that it will also allow ourselves to be acknowledged as well.

For the company this can translate to nurturing their customers and it is no surprise that treating customers with love and respect will give significant impact on whether these customers decide to continue to do business with you. This translates to a healthy bottom line.

For the employee it will also let him/her grow. Seeing this love returned from satisfied customers and happy employers, will allow the employee to feel loved and it may be the key to his/her doing things that they may fear to do. The employee may possible exert a little more confidence in the work place and achieve more for the company. How awesome is that?

Receiving love supports us to charge ahead and in turn, we than can support others to do the same. Knowing others feel this way supports us to make our existence special. It simply means we count in another’s life.

Love can also heal us. It strengthens us and make us courageous both when we receive it and when we give it.

Love is really why we are all here in the first place anyway. To be loved whether in business or in our personal relationships is our deep need as a human being. And best of all, to be loved unconditionally by our fellow man. That is truly a miracle happening.

Be your awesome self!

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