How To Post Good Face Book Content

I have always thought that I was posting awesome Facebook content until I came across several studies which clearly refute my belief. These studies have been conducted by various independent entities aim to inform the public about what type of posts that gets the most likes and comment, the best time of day to post and the best day of the week to post.

So now thanks to Virtue, Exact Target and Buddy Media, three of the several entities who made a comprehensive study regarding posting good content online, I now have the information to guide me when posting content to my Facebook or to any other social media sites. By the way, they came up with the results by gauging fan responses. They counted how many likes, shares and comments were made on each post to come up with the end results.

Image or picture posts have the highest response rating according to the studies. In fact it garnered about almost 25% more engagement than video posts. I would have thought that videos are more interesting than pictures and text post. I was proved wrong on this aspect since I compared getting on social media sites like Facebook to watching a movie as compared to reading a comic book. It is enjoyable to watch a movie than read comics but the perspective is different when it comes to Facebook.

The results of the studies revealed that people actually spend more time browsing through picture posts more than anything else. I admit I find sweet pleasure when browsing and liking image posts during my free time. Hence, I can fully understand if almost everybody else is doing the same for similar reason. It is worthy to note though that videos get more engagement than text post. Thus, if I really have to post a text or quote nowadays, I deem it good advice to make it shorter and to attach an image or picture that relates to what I am posting. Moreover, asking open ended questions in my posts gets me more comments than simple statements or quotes.


On the other hand, I have also found out that the best time of the day to post is before and after working hours. It could be after dinner or after waking up when everyone is still asleep. Thursdays and Fridays are also the best time to post while Saturday is the most sluggish day to post.  And I actually thought weekends are the best day to post content online. Anyway, I could use multiple admin to manage my page since I am planning to increase the number of my fans. In order to have a consistent time posting I would have to recruit additional admin who can do the updating even when I am engage somewhere else. That way, I won’t run the risk of losing the momentum even when I am busy elsewhere with other commitments.

Armed with this new knowledge, I am definitely looking forward to posting my next awe-inspiring thoughts to my Facebook account. Oh, wait, it’s Saturday. Not a good day to post my content if I want to maximize my engagement rate. Oh well, I should just prepare my content so that I can post it tomorrow, Sunday. It would definitely be a good idea to post on a Sunday. Anyway, I will just prepare the pictures I need so that I will have no hassles when I do my posting tomorrow.


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